Free In-Home Estimates

Planning a home renovation takes attention to detail. More importantly, it takes a solid budget. Get help with your budget plan by requesting a free in-home estimate from The Carpet House. Our experts are visiting homes in the Edinburg, Pharr, and McAllen areas to offer a new way to look at organizing your finances. We believe that anyone can find a way to get the home that they want. You can find solutions that are affordable for everything from flooring to fixtures to cabinetry to design advice. Having a clear estimate gives you the opportunity to see where you can save yourself money. And having the appointment in your own home provides extra comfort and convenience. Best of all, it is a service that we provide free of charge! Now you can get the help that you need at a time and place that works for you. How To Use Your Estimates There are so many things that a good estimate can do for you. Knowing what your budget is can open up many doors that you once thought were closed. The Carpet House’s consultants are trained to give you accurate estimates. They can answer your questions and offer sound advice. All of the costs that you will be responsible for can be laid out in a neat report. Having everything labeled for you can change the way you look at your renovation possibilities. You can: Revisit old ideas, or find new solutions. The time to reconsider what you can and cannot afford is during your estimate appointment. You might have fallen in love with a luxury wash basin and decided to ax it in favor of labor costs. But taking a second look at what you will be spending may reveal that you can afford the products that you loved at first site. You can even find similar products for less with the help of our experts. This is the beauty of having our professional designers here to aid you. Make sure that you didn’t forget anything. Sometimes the little details can get lost in the mix when it comes to a home remodeling project. Customers will remember a flooring installation but forget furniture removal services. They will think of the bathroom faucets but forget the light fixtures. Your in-home estimate time can serve as a time to double check your list of services and products. If you aren’t sure whether you have everything, your consultant can offer a helping hand and check everything off the list. See where you can eliminate costs. It can be easy to get carried away when it comes to remodeling your home. Hunting in home design magazines can have you purchasing fancy drawer pulls and marble sinks. While these are great ideas, the reality is that not everyone can afford everything that they fall in love with in the home improvement catalogs. Sometimes it’s best to revisit what you want to purchase and get rid of the products and services that aren’t essential. Weighing the list of needs and wants is definitely a must.


Interior Design Consulting

We care about our customers' individual needs which is why we believe in providing the most up-to-date knowledge in modern design. The Carpet House is here to support and consult with ever design decision. Our hands- on Interior Designer will help our customers with step by step decision making on our paint, area rugs and window covers. Whether the customer is just looking for one of these items or all three. This free charge is solely to benefit our customers' satisfaction. The Carpet House wants our customers to feel confident with their buying decisions, since we understand these items are long- term purchases insured to bring our customers happiness for many years to come. Our Interior Designer is there to consult the customer on choosing the right colors/ textures based on the customers' individual needs. The Interior Designer is there to provide as little or as much involvement in product decisions as the customer wants. Whether the customer already has an idea of what they want or just coming in with a blank slate and has no idea what they are looking for, the free service of Interior Design Consulting will benefit any situation. Many paint, windows, area rugs, and flooring stores do not provide this useful service. The Carpet House cares about individuality, personal style, and customer satisfaction. For these reasons we provide Interior Design Consulting.


Floor Installations

Floor installation is one of the most important steps in a home renovation. There is no sense in spending a great deal of money on beautiful flooring if you are going to risk it being ruined by a bad installation. The Carpet House offers help from installation experts in Edinburg at affordable rates. Our fast, effective service is easy to request and leaves your home looking better than ever. We save you money by providing the best local rates. You can also save big by avoiding the common mistakes that are made when amateurs install flooring. Our experts have valid licenses and are insured to protect your home from damage or oversight. They have years of experience working in homes with a variety of floor covering types. We install hardwood, tile, carpet, and more. It is important to choose installers who are familiar with flooring types for a number of reasons. For example, hardwood needs special attention. It must be left in the room to adjust to moisture levels. It has to be spaced properly to allow for swelling and shrinking that occurs naturally over time. Other flooring needs special treatment too. Did you know that natural stone needs to be sealed before installation? This is to protect it from future contact with acids (e.g., orange juice, wine) and oil based messes that can get into the pores and ruin the floor. A proper installer will warn you about all precautions you need to take before work even begins. To make your installation run smoothly, here are a few other tips: Remember furniture removal. If you have a lot of furniture in the home, it might be best to have a company move it for you. Even if you can bribe friends and family into helping, remember to have a safe place to store everything. You will want easy access to pull the furniture back into the room once the installation is over. A storage unit might be needed if you are remodeling the flooring of your entire home. Be prepared to stay out of the rooms. It is important to let some types of flooring settle and to give your installers room to work. You will have to stay out of the rooms that you are installing floors in. This can be annoying if you are putting new floors in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Make arrangements with neighbors to use their facilities or stay in a hotel if you are doing a whole home renovation. Remember, it is temporary! You’ll get back to normal in no time. Ask about flooring disposal. There are special ways to dispose of flooring, depending on which type you are removing. Some cannot be dumped into the trash because they contain dangerous chemicals. Others can biodegrade and will simply be tossed in the dump. Ask about proper disposal to avoid fees from your city.


Floor Removal & Disposal

It isn’t an easy task to remove all of the subflooring in your home. Even just taking on a single room can be a lot of work if you have no prior experience with home improvement. Allow the experts at The Carpet House to take care of removing your subfloors and disposing of them safely. Our experts offer service to homes in Edinburg at lower costs than other local competitors. That makes choosing our service a smart choice for homeowners on a budget. You can save your flooring from total destruction by acting fast. Read on to see how choosing professional subfloor removal and disposal can improve your home. When Does Subflooring Need to Be Removed? The most common problem with subflooring affects wood subfloors specifically. The plywood used underneath floor coverings can begin to rot. This happens when moisture collects under the surface layer or when the floor is installed incorrectly. Homeowners have reported accidentally poking holes into the floors with high heels or noticing shifting tiles or planks. Rotting is especially common in areas where there is contact with water, like bathrooms and kitchens. To test whether your subfloor has begun to rot, you can gently press with the tip of a screwdriver against the suspected spots. If the screwdriver falls clear through or the floor moves, your subfloor needs to be removed. Another case is that you may be a new homeowner in an old home. The subflooring of older houses may just be outdated. It might not suit the new flooring you want. In order to install new floors, you’ll need new subfloors for a stable surface. That is where our professionals come in. Why Should You Choose a Professional Service? Many homeowners entertain the thought of a do-it-yourself project before deciding to call a professional. We suggest hiring experts because of the way that subfloors are removed. There are dangerous power tools, possible chemical exposure, and improper disposal to worry about. If you remove the subfloors incorrectly, you could face the following problems: Mold, mildew, or pest exposure. Personal injury caused by exposed tacks, falling through holes in the flooring, or power tools. Expensive damages to subflooring that does not need replacing. Using the wrong tools. Buying the wrong subflooring as a replacement. Fines for disposing of the waste in the wrong way. To avoid all of these troubles, it is best to call in an experienced team that knows how to deal with different kinds of subflooring. How Can You Request Subfloor Removal? Requesting this service for your home is easy. To have your subfloors removed, all that you need to do is place a quick phonecall to the local experts, The Carpet House! There is no need to worry about disposal of waste-- we will take care of that for you. We are always available to address emergency cases. We offer quotes online to curious homeowners who want to improve their homes. To find out more about the services that we offer in Edinburg, call (956) 383-8889 or visit us online at our website today.