Floor Removal & Disposal Done Right

Feb 11 , 2020

Floor Removal & Disposal Done Right

It isn’t an easy task to remove all of the subflooring in your home. Even just taking on a single room can be a lot of work if you have no prior experience with home improvement. Allow the experts at The Carpet House to take care of removing your subfloors and disposing of them safely.

Our experts offer service to homes in Edinburg at lower costs than other local competitors. That makes choosing our service a smart choice for homeowners on a budget. You can save your flooring from total destruction by acting fast. Read on to see how choosing professional subfloor removal and disposal can improve your home.

When Does Subflooring Need to Be Removed?

The most common problem with subflooring affects wood subfloors specifically. The plywood used underneath floor coverings can begin to rot. This happens when moisture collects under the surface layer or when the floor is installed incorrectly. Homeowners have reported accidentally poking holes into the floors with high heels or noticing shifting tiles or planks. Rotting is especially common in areas where there is contact with water, like bathrooms and kitchens.

To test whether your subfloor has begun to rot, you can gently press with the tip of a screwdriver against the suspected spots. If the screwdriver falls clear through or the floor moves, your subfloor needs to be removed.

Another case is that you may be a new homeowner in an old home. The subflooring of older houses may just be outdated. It might not suit the new flooring you want. In order to install new floors, you’ll need new subfloors for a stable surface. That is where our professionals come in.

Why Should You Choose a Professional Service?

Many homeowners entertain the thought of a do-it-yourself project before deciding to call a professional. We suggest hiring experts because of the way that subfloors are removed. There are dangerous power tools, possible chemical exposure, and improper disposal to worry about. If you remove the subfloors incorrectly, you could face the following problems:

  • Mold, mildew, or pest exposure.
  • Personal injury caused by exposed tacks, falling through holes in the flooring, or power tools.
  • Expensive damages to subflooring that does not need replacing.
  • Using the wrong tools. 
  • Buying the wrong subflooring as a replacement.
  • Fines for disposing of the waste in the wrong way.

To avoid all of these troubles, it is best to call in an experienced team that knows how to deal with different kinds of subflooring.